About competition

LISZTOFONIA 4th – competition for pianists
October 19-22, 2023
Vilnius – Paliesius Manor – Vilnius

Lisztofonia is a competition for pianists living and/or studying in Lithuania, organized by the initiative of the Lithuanian F. Liszt Society “LiSZtuania” together with the Piano Department of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (LMTA). The competition, which has been organized since 2017, aims to encourage pianists living or studying in Lithuania to perform and professionally record the works of the Hungarian composer F. Liszt.

According to the patron of “Lisztofonia”, one of the most outstanding performers of F. Liszt’s music in the world, prof. Mūza Rubackytė “My and our goal is to spread the word about this exceptional and comprehensive personality. The light of F. Liszt’s guiding star still awakens in us wonder, admiration, sensitivity and spirit. Brightly shining in the countries where he lived – Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, he does not shine with all his variety here. In the context of the current war in Europe, European values such as freedom, equality, democracy, and its consolidation become even more relevant and resonate with Liszt in the personality and work of a true European”.

The main prize of the competition – video clip, which might become “business card” of the winners and the opportunity to become noticeable in the world of music professionals. The partners of the main prize are: sound recording studio “MAMA studios”, film director Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė and Paliesius manor. Additional prizes: prizemoney established by LiSZtuania, prof. Mūza Rubackytė’s family MUSES prize, prizes by patrons of culture dr. Jonas Žiburkus and dr. Julius Ptašek.

Innovation of 2023 – the organizers invite participants to compete in two age groups:
A – the group of young pianists for participants up to 15 years of age,
B – the group of adult pianists for participants between 16 and 30.


  • Thursday, October 19 – auditions, award ceremony and gala concert of the winners in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, Great Hall (Gedimino pr. 42, Vilnius)
  • Friday, October 20 – prof. Mūza Rubackytė’s master classes for winners at Paliesius Manor (Ignalina district)
  • Saturday, October 21 – winners of the competition, members of jury and head of jury, prof. Mūza Rubackytė in one concert at Paliesius Manor. The winner of 2021 edition of Lisztofonia competition Simonas Poška will come to Lithuania and perform in the concert.
  • Sunday, October 22 – audio and video recordings of laureates of the competition in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater A Great Hall, Vilnius.