About “Lisztuania”

The Lithuanian F. Liszt society “Lisztuania” was founded in 2008 by pianist, professor, and world-renowned performer of F. Liszt’s works  Mūza Rubackytė. In 2011, LiSZtuania became a founding member of the International Liszt Society (ILA).

The purpose of “Lisztuania” is to spread and preserve the legacy of F. Liszt’s work in Lithuania, as well as to take care of the perpetuation of the legacy of creators who were born or lived in Lithuania and are little known in the world.

To implement these goals, the association cooperates with the Lithuanian National Philharmonic (LNF), the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (LMTA), and the Hungarian Embassy in Lithuania.

LiSZtuania organizes:

  • master classes for pianists by acknowledged performers-pedagogues (Prof. Denis Pascal, Prof. Mūza Rubackytė)
  • educational lectures: “Liszt and Wagner in Bayreuth: the oldest festival in the world” (2015), “Dedication to Ferenc Liszt: prof. Birutė Vainiūnaitė’s lecture-concert” (2016)
  • exceptional programs with F. Liszt music at the Vilnius Piano Festival (VPF): even 4 of the 8 events of the 4th Vilnius Piano Festival were related to the distribution of F. Liszt’s music and name
  • “Lisztofonija” – competition for pianists to win a professional audio-video recording, which started in 2017, and attracted a lot of interest from young pianists, positive feedback from professional music critics and the public. On October 19-22, 2023, the 4th competition will be held, in which Lithuanian pianists and foreigners studying in Lithuania up to the age of 30 are invited to participate. More about the competition.

In 2020, the Lithuanian Council for Culture granted LiSZtuania with financial support for the publication of the album “THE DISCOVERY OF GODOWSKY”. The CD has won several international prizes such as Diapason d’Or, ffff Télérama, 4* Classica.